Every Second Sunday

8:30 - 10:30 PM

Live Jazz


Fri. August 26

Robin Work

(Jazz Vocalist)


Sat. August 27

Todd Fulginiti Duo

(Jazz Trumpet)


Fri. September 02

Paul Colombo Duo

(Guitar & Bass)


Sat. September 03

Bob Meashey Duo

(Jazz Trumpet)


Fri. September 09

Colin & Mary Kate

(Piano & Jazz Vocalist)


Sat. September 10

Laura Luce Duo

(Pop & Jazz Vocalist)


Fri. September 16

Dave Wilson Duo

(Jazz Saxophone)


Sat. September 17

Ryan kaufman Duo

(Saxophone & Piano)


Fri. September 23

David Newman Duo

(Piano & Bass)


Sat. September 24

Matt Montichio Duo

(Piano & Bass)


Fri. September 30

Robin Work Duo

(Jazz Vocalist)


Sat. October 01

Paul Colombo Duo

(Jazz Guitar)

We are always looking for unique and upbeat musicians. To submit a sample recording, please call 717.394.2422 or email us at